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The Ice Cream Experience

The Ice Cream Experience

Recently we conducted another edition of the ‘Ice Cream Experience’ in our home. For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it was originally called the Ice Cream Game, but participants felt the word game gave off the feeling of lightheartedness and frivolity, which is not part of the ‘Experience.’

This ‘Game’ was designed as a fun way of learning how to own 100% Responsibility for your communication.  Communication is the key to successful relations both at home and at work.  By accepting that you are fully responsible for how you communicate, you change your paradigm and expectation level, thereby removing the associated frustration.

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Our Founding Fathers were Entrepreneurs

Dan Sullivan of the “Strategic Coach” recently wrote: “What many Americans, and virtually all Democrats, don’t realize is that America was consciously designed as an “entrepreneurial republic.” It remains just that today. The founders of the country, with few exceptions, made their money as a business people. There were few if any bureaucrats or academics among them. Because of the way they made their living, they designed the structures of the new independent country along entrepreneurial lines.

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1/2 Yearly Resolution

On January 1st of every year many of us create our New Year’s Resolutions. Without trying to make anyone feel badly, most are usually toast by February. Those of you who have your Commander’s Intent and conduct your BOD meetings, will surely understand the power of these two tools. They are Poka Yoke’s for your resolutions. By having them in focus and discussing them with your partner, you give your system a better chance for success. (94% of all failure is a systems malfunction. -Deming- )

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